Air filter quality: Is buying a discount filter worth it?

Not all air filters are created equal. Some air filters have wildly diverging particle capture efficiency from other filters. A “bad” air filter, or low-quality air filter, is less effective in capturing smaller particles and can bow and restrict airflow, reducing performance and forcing your HVAC system to work harder. This can lead to higher … Read more

Can quality air filtration in schools lead to better student well-being, higher achievement?

The importance of air filtration for schools has been magnified recently due to the spread of airbourne illnesses, but also because recent studies show how poor indoor air quality can affect test scores, cognition, problem-solving, and grades, and can cause chronic cardiovascular diseases. What can we do about air quality in educational facilities in Canada? … Read more

How Does Air Pollution in Canada Impact Productivity in Schools and Offices? 

How Does Air Pollution in Canada Impact Productivity in Schools and Offices?

Linked to a wide range of life-threatening diseases and painful symptoms, air pollution is a leading public health issue worldwide. However, air pollution can be responsible for harming more than just your physical health. Both short-term and long-term exposure, even to low levels of air pollution, is known to decrease productivity and cognitive function significantly.  … Read more

Is Poor indoor air quality harmful to children? – Camfil Canada School Air Filtration Report  

School air filtration report

Indoor Air Quality In Schools — What Should We Be Doing to Protect Our Childrens’ Lungs?  Adequate ventilation and air filtration has been an instrumental part of public efforts to reduce COVID-19 infection rates. However, improving air quality is essential for improving overall public health, even in the presence of dangerous viral or other pathogens. … Read more

How Can School Officials Respond to Indoor Air Quality Challenges As Ontario Schools Reopen? Resource by Camfil, CA

How Does Air Pollution in Canada Impact Productivity in Schools and Offices?

Summary: In this blog post air filtration expert Berni Baier shares his insight on ways to attenuate the health effects caused by poor indoor air quality (IAQ) as Ontario public schools are set to reopen for in-class learning in fall 2021.  There are nearly 5000 school buildings in Ontario, Canada. The average age of these … Read more

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