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Camfil’s mobile filtration exhibit continues its tour

Camfil’s Mobile Filtration Exhibit recently made it through Southern Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Quebec City, and Montreal before heading to North Carolina. Following many successful tours around North America, the Camfil mobile filtration exhibit tours continue. In the fall, Camfil’s mobile healthcare filtration exhibit will also tour Canada. The unique mobile exhibit – which enables visitors to see firsthand, the latest advances in air filtration and containment technology- was hosted by several engineering firms and foremarket-related companies such as building construction and engineering firms. 

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The exhibit is housed in a customized trailer designed to showcase the latest advances in sustainable, energy-efficient, clean air solutions with the best particle capture efficiency in the industry. Featuring hands-on displays, exhibit visitors are able to look inside containment housing and experience changing filters themselves. They can see a live HEPA filter scan performed using Camfil’s unique SafeScan automated filter scanning unit and CamControl test equipment. Products like Camfil’s CamContain and Pharmaseal– a fully welded ducted filter module for HEPA or ULPA filter installations, highlight Camfil’s innovative work in the containment, construction and building engineering industries, as well as the nuclear energy industry and life sciences industry.

Discover the Future of Air Filtration with Camfil’s Mobile Trailer

The mobile filtration exhibit is designed to travel to industry events and company locations, providing an immersive experience that highlights the most innovative solutions in air quality.

Here’s a closer look at what makes the trailers special:

An Interactive Experience

The mobile filtration exhibits are not like the usual static displays that you may be used to. They emphasize interactive learning, letting you get up close and personal with a variety of air filtration equipment. Engineers, project managers, and industry professionals can touch, explore, and understand the practical benefits of each product. Camfil’s air filtration experts are there to interact with you as you discover the latest advances. It’s the perfect way to see air filtration technology in action and gain insights that can be applied directly to the specific needs of your firm.

Education and Insights

These trailers aren’t just about showing off products; they’re packed with educational instruments with expert insights. Learn about industry standards, best practices, and the latest advancements in air filtration technology. This is essential for staying on top of clean air solutions and understanding their impact on health, personnel safety, product safety, and productivity.

By traveling to industry events and company locations, these trailers connect engineers and companies with Camfil representatives.The main goal is to be a big part of a community dedicated to advancing air filtration technology by constantly analyzing new challenges and addressing needs.

Innovative Product Showcase

The exhibit is loaded with Camfil’s top-tier air filtration products, covering a wide range of applications such as construction-related projects, retrofitting projects, or energy-saving equipment replacement. 

Containment Filtration 

Control hazardous substances and keep environments clean in laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities. Featuring Camfil’s bag-in-bag-out (BIBO) systems 

Life Sciences Filtration

Whether your needs are related to maintaining pharmaceutical product purity, ensuring a sterile environment for cleanrooms, or liability control, the exhibit has you covered. 

Molecular Filtration

Advanced filters that knock out gases, odours, and airborne contaminants, keeping the air in challenging environments clean and reducing odours in a building or in adjacent communities.

Customized Solutions

Camfil gets that no two facilities have the same needs. Air quality experts in the exhibit provide personalized recommendations to handle your unique air filtration challenges. Whether you need to improve indoor air quality, comply with standards and regulations, or optimize your system’s energy efficiency, you’ll leave with an actionable, customized plan, or at minimum a better understanding of your options. 

Camfil is committed to creating products that last longer, use less energy, and have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to typical air filtration solutions. 

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