The best energy saving air filters in British Columbia

Air quality in British Columbia is a major concern due to the prevalence of industrial pollution and traffic pollution from tailpipe emissions, as well as B.C. wildfires during warmer weather. 

Harmful pollutants are released into the air, such as particulate matter PM2.5 and PM1, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxide. These pollutants can cause respiratory problems and other health issues.  

Energy saving air filters. An array of air filters is shown. 2 are forest green, the next 2 are white with a black frame, the next is mint green, next is a full black frame with a white media, the last is a black framed filter with a gray media

For all your air filter and HVAC needs in Vancouver, the Kootenays, the Okanagan, Surrey, Kelowna, Fraser Valley, all over British Columbia and around the world, Camfil is here to help. Please contact us for more information on air quality solutions and how our premium air filters can save you energy in your building. or call us at 604-468-8990

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What are some air quality concerns in British Columbia?

Microscopic particles can be found in fumes from factories and production facilities, exhaust from vehicles, from the smoke wildfires produce, or from other sources.

·   PM2.5 includes particles that are smaller than 2.5 microns

·   PM1 includes particles that are less than 1μm in size and are considered to be the most harmful to human health

·   PM2.5 and PM1 particles can penetrate British Columbians’ lungs and bloodstreams and have negative health implications

·   Nitrogen oxide, gaseous hydrocarbons, ozone, and gaseous pollutants can lead to a variety          of health problems ranging from brief eye burning to chronic heart difficulties and lung damage

·   Pollutants are drawn into a building through an HVAC ventilation system lacking proper filtration and can spread throughout the facility, putting at risk human health and machinery and equipment

·   In hospitals, outpatient, or residential care facilities, patients and visitors are especially vulnerable to these contaminants

·   Particulate and odours from smoke can linger and cause a drop-off in learning and productivity in schools and commercial buildings

·   Sensitive equipment and products being manufactured such as microelectronic parts or food and beverages can be damaged or destroyed

What can we do about air quality and improving air filtration in British Columbia?

One strategy to mitigate the risks that come with poor indoor air quality is to utilize a combination of carbon or other molecular air filtration to control odour and gas contaminants and high efficiency air filters for PM2.5 or PM1 pollutants. This approach can help create and maintain healthy indoor air quality and protect the health of occupants. Additionally, regular maintenance and replacement of filters is important to ensure their effectiveness in filtering out particulates and harmful gases.

Camfil can help you with all your air filtration solutions and guide you through:

Camfil provides expert help for property managers and facility managers, whether it’s about lowering your carbon footprint, achieving your ESG goals, or reducing labour costs involved in air filter changes.

Air filtration solutions available:

  • CityPleat Carbon MERV-8 air filter
  • CityCarb1 High-Capacity Carbon MERV15/14A filter
  • CitySorb DP High-Capacity Carbon MERV 8 air filter
  • Durafil ES 
  • MERV 8/8-A efficiencies
  • MERV 9/9-A efficiencies
  • MERV 11/11-A efficiencies
  • AP11 MERV 11 air filter
  • AP13 MERV 13 air filter
  • MERV 13/13-A efficiencies 
  • MERV14/14-A efficiencies
  • MERV 15/15-A efficiencies
  • MERV 16/16-A efficiencies
  • CC500 Air Purifier with a HEPA filter and a 30/30 Dual 9 Prefilter
  • Custom air filters

Camfil Canada offers a range of gas-phase filters designed to remove molecules, gases, and vapours from the air through molecular filtration. They are tested according to standards such as ISO 10121 or ASHRAE 145.2. These filters can capture particles much smaller than even HEPA or ULPA filters can capture.

These gas-phase filtration solutions utilize activated carbon or activated alumina.

Camfil Canada BC sells:

Bag air filters: 2-in-1 air filters with combination media for particles and molecules, with high dust-holding capacity.

Compact filters (box type): suitable for installation in front or side access housings.

Cylinders: Adsorbent loose-fill canisters designed to remove high gas and vapour loads in HVAC systems.

The CamCarb XG

CamCarb XG is an cylinder-shaped gas phase air filter. It is black with a green top. The outside of the cylinder has a very intricate surface of lines and hexagonal patterns of metal on the outside

A conical, corrosion resistant molecular filter filled with Camfil’s activated alumina or activated carbon. They are the most versatile gas-phase air filters installed in supply, recirculation, and exhaust air systems for commercial, industrial, and process applications. 

Panel filters: Pleated or loose-filled panels for cleanroom ceilings and process equipment fan filter units.

Camfil’s filters are effective against VOCs, ozone, NO2, SO2, and organic acid gases. Suitable for use in recirculation and outdoor air applications, ensuring molecular performance under real-world operating conditions.

Camfil air filters feature a lower average pressure drop and higher dust holding capacity, longer life, and maintained efficiency.

We have the following air filter sizes available:

  • 24”x24” air filters
  • 12”x24” air filters
  • 20” x 20” air filters
  • 20”x25” air filters
  • 16”x20” air filters
  • 16”x25” air filters
  • We can also create custom-sized air filters for you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have particular to your industry. or call us at 604-468-8990

2431 Canoe Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6A9

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